Smile Vaults


Who is eligible to register and use the Vault?

The Vault service was set up to provide communities with the resources they need to thrive and support others.

Groups eligible to register for the service must be one of the following:

A copy of you governing document will be required on registration to confirm eligibility. Schools and colleges will need to provide an email from the Headmaster confirming that the application has been submitted on behalf of their school or college.

I/We are not part of a charity or a community group, can we still hire equipment?

If you are from a local business or statutory body, please contact your local Vault to discuss becoming a Vault Partner.

Vault Partners are organisation that will use the equipment to support a local fundraising event, corporate volunteering opportunity or promote awareness of a local cause. If you would like to become a partner, please contact your local vault to discuss your community offer further.

I am an individual wanting to borrow equipment, can I register and hire equipment?

If you are using equipment to support a charity or cause, consider asking the charity to register with the Vault and hire equipment on your behalf.

How do I apply to become a Vault member?

If your organisations already registered on you can apply by loging to the Vault site using your existing Beecan login details. Then you can select the Vault you want to apply to.

If your organisations is not already registered please check the eligibility criteria above, then click the register button at the top of the screen. You will be asked to provide details about yourself and your charity, or group. You will also be asked to upload a copy of your organisation's constitution or governing document. The local Vault team will assess your request and may ask further for further information, before making a decision within 7 working days.

What is a Constitution / Governing document?

A constitution or governing document is a set of rules for the way you run your charity or group. The rules include the purposes and powers of your charity, and other arrangements like how many trustees you will have and how contracts and finances are managed. You can get support with your constitution by contacting the Smile Community Development team via email.

What happens if an item is damaged or lost during use?

As part of the terms and conditions of hiring equipment, Vault members are required to let the Vault know as soon as any loss or damage has occurred. Your organisation may be asked to pay for the replacement of items that have been lost, or that are unable to be repaired.

What is the maximum booking period?

The maximum booking period is seven days. If you need to hold the equipment for longer, please contact the relevant Vault team and they can see if an extended hire period is possible.